Traffic Safety Equipment & Work Zone Safety Products Enhanced with the Latest Technologies and Solutions

SAJTEC supplies an extensive range of state-of-the-art traffic safety equipment and work zone safety products, including:

  • Smart Variable Message Signs (VMS): Solar or mains powered, featuring IoT connectivity for real-time updates and remote management.
  • Advanced Solar Arrow Panels: Equipped with energy-efficient LEDs and smart control systems for enhanced visibility and durability.
  • Mobile Warning Trailers with AI Integration: Incorporating artificial intelligence for dynamic message changes based on real-time traffic data.
  • Intelligent Temporary Traffic Signals: IoT-enabled for adaptive traffic control, synchronized with surrounding traffic systems.
  • High-Efficiency Light Towers: Hybrid powered, featuring both solar & fuel technology for higher luminosity and lower energy consumption.
  • Radar Speed Signs with Data Analytics: Capable of collecting speed data for traffic analysis and equipped with high-visibility displays.
  • Eco-Friendly Portable Power Generators: Utilizing renewable energy sources for environmentally efficient power solutions.
  • Innovative Truck Mounted Attenuators, Guardrails & Crash Cushions: Designed with advanced materials for superior traffic impact absorption and safety.
  • Speed Humps, Traffic Bollards & Reflective Delineators: Made with high-grade, durable materials for lasting visibility and resilience.
  • Road Marking Materials & Equipment with Enhanced Durability: Utilizing longer-lasting, eco-friendly materials for road markings.
  • Reflect Meters for Precise Testing of Road Markings & Signs: Advanced tools for accurate reflectivity measurement, ensuring compliance and safety.
  • High-Visibility Reflective Road Studs: Incorporating LED technology for improved visibility and durability.
  • Smart Reflective Safety Vests: Integrated with LED lighting and GPS for enhanced worker safety.
  • Solar Powered Flashers for Road & Aviation Safety: Highly efficient, with enhanced battery life and visibility for critical safety applications.
  • Advanced Hazard Warning Lamps: Solar LED-based with automated light intensity adjustment based on ambient light conditions.
  • Rotating Beacons, Strobes & Light Bars with Enhanced Visibility: Incorporating LED technology for increased brightness and energy efficiency.
  • Wide-Angle Traffic Mirrors: Made with durable, weather-resistant materials, offering a broader and clearer view.
  • Automated School Flashers: Programmable and solar-powered for effective speed regulation in school zones.
  • High-Durability Traffic Cones: Utilizing UV-resistant materials complying with highest international standards .

These technologically advanced traffic and work zone safety products from SAJTEC are designed to enhance safety, efficiency, and sustainability in managing and controlling traffic, aligning with the latest industry standards and innovations.

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